The process of land sales differ vastly from that of property sales – in fact, in many ways, they are
incomparable. First of all, a number of different factors need to be considered when determining the
value of land. Much like property valuations, both the size and location of the site will play a major
role in determining the site’s place in the market. However, when dealing with land, a myriad of
other factors will also play a pivotal role.

The topography of the land and the condition of the sub structure, for example, could potentially
make the site unsuitable for certain development projects or, at the very least, increase the build
costs considerably. Meanwhile, any other significant natural landscaping such as woodland,
moorland or waterways may also impact the value of the land.

Finally, the last contributing factor that we will highlight is the ability to achieve the required
planning permission. Obtaining planning permission for developments prior to the sale of the land
will make the site particularly valuable to some developers, whilst others would rather obtain the
planning themselves, purchasing the site either unconditionally or on a subject to planning basis.

For these reasons, it should come as no surprise that specialised knowledge of the land market and a
wealth of experience is required in order to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial to all
involved parties. This is the responsibility of the land agent.

But what does a land agent actually do? Well, much like your typical estate agent, the land agent will
draw from their technical training in valuation techniques to determine the value of the land, in the
current market. They will then talk with the client, offering insider knowledge and advice before the
desired sales price is agreed. The land agent can then focus their energy on finding a suitable and
reliable buyer and work on finalising the sale on the landowner’s behalf.

Why Choose SJD Projects?

Discretion is at the core of our ethos, so our clients can feel confident that both their identity and
individual interests are protected. This is what sets us apart from other leading land agencies in the
UK. How are we able to do this?

Since the company was founded over 15 years ago, our expert team at SJD have been building
relationships with a number of select connections within this niche market. This means that all of
our sales are made through word of mouth alone. Not only does this enable us to provide both
owners and developers with a truly bespoke service that will optimise their returns, it also helps us
to streamline the entire process and sell your property swiftly.

If you are a landowner and are interested in the prospect of selling your site, please contact us today