Since the launch of the SJD Affordable Housing Division earlier this year, we have spearheaded a number of exciting projects across the South East and Midlands. We are proud of what the division has accomplished within the last six months – but now that we have gained momentum and witnessed our expert team in action, we are now more determined than ever to continue our mission to secure strategic land opportunities that have the potential to help fulfil local affordable housing needs in the South East and the Midlands.

It’s not news that we are currently in the middle of a housing crisis in the UK. The need for new houses – especially affordable houses and other properties – is a topic that is often analysed, scrutinised and picked apart by the media.

Current reports suggest that the industry is on track to deliver the Government’s housing target of a million homes by 2020. Last year, over 217,000 new homes were built and planning permission was granted for over 350,000 new homes in England. While these numbers suggest we are winning the affordable housing battle, the reality is that we will likely need to continue to fight long after the newspapers declare the housing crisis over.

A rising national population coupled with the steady flow of net migration means that the need for affordable housing will do nothing but continue to increase. That’s why we believe this market sector is an important component to delivering quality affordable housing for all – for many years to come.

Today, we are actively working closely with landowners to deliver suitable sites to help meet the requirements of the registered providers (housing associations), concentrating on ‘off-market’ opportunities and s106 provisions.

At the heart of each endeavour is a drive to source and sell sites that will contribute to providing the residents in these regions with a quality home and lifestyle. We are immensely proud of the progress made by our Affordable Housing Division team and are excited to see what they accomplish in the coming months. We are, therefore, keen to identify new opportunities and acquire sites that will be suitable for affordable housing projects.

Typical sites for affordable housing projects include:

  • Land/sites close to good infrastructure and facilities
  • rural locations where prices can be prohibitive for young local people
  • commercial sites
  • regeneration sites
  • large sites with or without planning

If you have a site that may be suitable for an affordable housing project, please contact us today at