Do you have a building or plot of land that may have potential to develop?

In many cases, owners are unaware of the potential of their property or land and make a quick sale through conventional methods. Unfortunately, when this does occur, the owner can miss out on the unique opportunities offered by developers and the prospect of an enhanced financial return.

As experts on land, property and the redevelopment of commercial properties, we at SJD Projects have compiled a simple guide that will help you determine the potential of your plot. The list below features a number of potential plots that will excite local developers, and could result in a return worthy of your attention.

1. Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings, especially those suitable for residential conversion, are highly sought-after opportunities. Over recent years, the demand for commercial properties has increased, presenting a viable alternative for potential sellers.

2. Former Public Houses

Often well situated within the local area, former public houses present great potential for developers seeking to covert the building for residential purposes.

3. Redundant Buildings

Redundant buildings, which can often feel like an unwanted burden to many owners, are rarely given the attention they deserve. The location and size of the plot will play a pivotal role in the plot’s potential.

4. Houses for Improvement

Houses are typically sold by more traditional and conventional methods – however, these methods often require extended periods of time to complete (if you manage to find a buyer at all). Although house improvement projects are smaller in comparison to many development opportunities, many developers are on the look-out for houses that simply need a little extra TLC.

5. Large Sites on the Edge of Town

The location of your plot plays an important role when determining its potential and worth. Large sites that are situated on the edge of towns or villages are among the most sought-after plots for many developers looking for a long-term development opportunity.

6. Barns

Much like redundant buildings, barns are often viewed as undevelopable. However, when viewed through the eyes of an inspired developer, barns offer endless potential for residential and commercial projects.

Typically, these barns could be of brick or timber and may be converted or knocked down for replacement. Planning expertise is essential and the developers SJD source will give the optimum chance of success.

7. Large Gardens

Backland development fast became one of the most prevalent development projects in the South East back in the early 2000s. Today, many developers are still seeking such opportunities within residential areas. Selling part of a large back yard will have little effect on the value of your property, offering a great financial opportunity to both owners and developers.

If you are the owner of an opportunity that fits any of the descriptions detailed above, contact Stephen Donnelly at to find out more information. Our advice is free of charge and, in most cases, the developer will cover all the relevant fees.