SJD have wide expertise in all types of commercial property development. Typical opportunities include:

  • Commercial buildings with potential for residential development: Such as industrial units for demolition or office buildings with the potential for change of use. Pubs, restaurants or shop freeholds where the upper parts could be converted.
  • Renovation or conversion of existing properties: Of any size or style, from barns to listed buildings.
  • Strategic developments: Our extensive experience enables us to advise on complex, strategic projects, such as farms or amenity land on the edge of a built-up town or village where the long-term potential may provide for residential or mixed-use development.
  • Plot sourcing: From single developments to multi-use projects.

SJD specialise in helping homeowners maximise value from their investment in a way that complements their current lifestyle. Typical services include:

  • Sympathetic garden development: to realise some financial benefit while creating a more manageable plot.
  • Professional services: We can offer full architectural and planning services through our associated businesses.
  • Redevelopment: Potentially more financially rewarding and time efficient than just selling your property, particularly if it is not beautifully maintained, has structural issues or is small in relation to its plot.
  • Plot sourcing: We use our numerous contacts to find the plot to match your criteria.

Affordable Home

We provide affordable housing sites throughout the South East and the Midlands. Concentrating on ‘off market’ opportunities and s106 provisions, we work closely with the land owners to deliver suitable sites in order to meet the requirements of the registered providers (housing associations).

We feel that this market sector is an important component in delivering quality housing for all. We are committed to sourcing and selling sites that will provide everyone with a quality home and lifestyle.

Typical sites include those close to good infrastructure and facilities, rural locations where prices can be prohibitive for young local people, commercial sites, regeneration sites and large sites.

If you have a site that may be suitable or are looking to acquire land or property to develop affordable homes, please contact us to discuss how we can assist.


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