We are instructed to offer the above site available by way of the following sale options:

1. The total sale of approx. 36 acres TBV.
2. The sale of the 6 acres frontage, previously considered for the recent SHLAA in Dover with new access recently created which will hope- fully enable future development subject to all the usual consents.
3. The sale of the farm buildings.

Please note that there is an overage premium that the owners entered in to which will have an effect on the future value.
All are available as a promotional, uncondition- al or subject to planning agreement.

Please note that the successful purchaser of this site will be responsible for our fees at a rate of 2% plus VAT of the eventual purchase price payable on completion of the


In addition, should the site be sold on to a third party, SJD will be retained at the same rate of 2% plus VAT.

All subsequent new homes sales will sold through one of our associated offices.

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